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James M. Gatz
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The outcome is simple:

100s of (new) leads/day

WHILE you build your personal brand

And turn your ideas into income.

[You can do this with less than 100 followers]

Instant Access:

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Part 1:

Use an AI Assistant that AUTOMATES 100's of perfectly targeted (ICP) leads/day (with unique + personalised DMs) [Mini-Course]

Part 2:

"Elite Ghostwriter" course for making content that sells & build your personal brand.


PART 1: 100 X New Leads / Day

Instant Access:

Get instant access for $79

The offer is simple:

#1 Make Money From DAY 1 (FAST)

HOW: 100x Leads via DM (mini course)

Use an AI Assistant to automate highly personalised outreach (people can't even tell it's an AI) to the right people to generate 100s of warm + qualified leads / day. All you have to do is talk to the people that reply.

#2 Make Content That Sells For You (The LONG GAME)

HOW: Reliable Inbound Leads ("Elite Ghostwriter" course)

Make content that sells what you've got, so you don't have to.

WHAT content to make + HOW to make it to BUILD A CONTENT-DRIVEN PERSONAL BRAND that gets people to want what you've got.

This is the EXACT client onboarding system is used (Elite Ghostwriter) when I was ghostwriting for a number of large 𝕏 accounts.


It's yours.

Make $ While You Build Your Brand:


  1. 100x Leads via DM (2hr AI Dm Assistant mini-course)
  2. Elite Ghostwriting (digital course)
  3. Access to me personally (& community of creators) via Slack
  4. Once you hit $10k, 1:1 coaching call to get you to $30k (if you want it)

We do this until you make $10,000. 

Then: Keep doing what’s working (if you want) WHILE YOU BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.

All you need is an offer (I can help you with this)

Social media account (preferably X/Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok - but also Facebook, and others)

The rest: I'll give you everything you need to get 100s of leads per day, and sell your offer WHILE YOU BUILD YOUR BRAND.

That's it.

Instant Access:

Get instant access for $79

Here's the thing...



Most creators make the BIG mistake of copying what the big accounts are doing NOW.

Without realising that's not what they did to get started. They ALL sold something SPECIFIC (narrow niche, narrow ICP) to begin with, WHILE THEY BUILT THEIR BRAND.

For example:

Dan Koe started with a web design offer.

Justin Welsh started with an offer for a VERY specific Ideal Customer Profile (very narrow niche - but it was something he had 10+ years of experience in too)

The reality is:

  • You need a source of income from Day 1 (you can + should change it later) because monetising a personal brand takes TIME.
  • If you don't have income early on, you won't stick at the brand building long enough to get reliable inbound business from your personal brand
  • You can do this with a specific, narrow-niche offer (like Dan Koe & Justin Welsh - the faster way), or you can build your brand on the side while you work a job (slow way)



"How do I get people to want what I've got?"

"How do I get more people to consume my content, AND want more of my stuff?"

"How do I get people to pay for my stuff, without awkward sales conversations that go nowhere?"

This IS HOW:

STEP #1: Post 3 Types of content DAILY (I'll show you WHAT to post + HOW to create it)

STEP #2: Engineer Demand by DM-ing 100s of your Ideal Customer every day - who then look at your Pinned Post + Recent content

STEP #3: They reply to your DM + you offer them exactly what they want.

Instant Access:

Get instant access for $79


This is how we're going to BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND:

Maybe you're not sure what you've got is good...

(or that people even want it)

Maybe you post a lot...

(and nothing happens)

Maybe sales feels super awkward...

(and your DMs get ghosted)


Here's how:

I'm going to give you the strategies the best creator-businesses are already using and doing in their content
(I know, because I work with them)

The stuff you probably don't know that you don't know.

But here's what you DO KNOW:

The future of work is changing. 


The Digital Economy is calling you.

You already have the ideas.

What you do.
What you know.
What you have to say.

But to play, you need to monetise it.

And there are a ton of amazing creators out there…

That make great content..

But not great money.


Instead, we’re going to:

Make monetisable content.
So people want to buy what you’ve got.
Without you having to ‘sell’ it.

Even if no one knows who you are (yet).

We’re going to fix that. 

Create confidently; and work less.
Engineer demand; and earn more.
Monetise effortlessly; and enjoy life

No ads.
No spamming.
No trying to go viral.
No awkward sales conversations.

In fact, we don’t want to have to do any ‘selling’ at all.

We’re going to make the content you WANT to make

In a way that gets people to WANT what you’ve got.

We’re going to make content that sells your stuff.

(so you don’t have to)

So let's get started:

Get instant access for $79

Get started here:

Get instant access for $79

I will show you how to make content that:

Step #1: Teaches People to Want Your Stuff

Step #2: Engineers Demand So More People Want It

Step #3: Builds a Monetisable Ecosystem That Sells For You

The ELITE GHOSTWRITER course is a Digital Playbook (in Notion).

For people who want to make content that sells their products & services.

Without having to do any traditional 'selling.'

I'm a game designer...

These are the same techniques game studios use to make video games ADDICTIVE...

I'm going to show you EXACTLY HOW TO USE THEM (step-by-step), in your content, to get people to WANT whatever it is you're selling.


"How do I get people to want what I've got?"

"How do I get more people to consume my content, AND want more of my stuff?"

"How do I get people to pay for my stuff, without awkward sales conversations that go nowhere?"

So - if you want to:

Make more monetisable content (from Day 1)

So you can get more leads from your content (every day)

And sell your stuff (without having to 'sell' it)

This is FOR YOU.

Get started here:

Get instant access for $79

Unlike 99% of other online courses for creators...

I'm NOT going to teach you how to grow an audience.

I don't know much about that.

And - that's the SLOW WAY to build a creator business.



💥 Instead, I'm going to show you how to do 3 things: 💥

⚠️ Instead of worrying about whether people want what you've got...

⚠️ Instead of making content that no one sees, or engages with...

⚠️ Instead of trying to 'hard sell' your stuff to people that ignore you...

Get started here:

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I don't know if this is you or not, but...

You probably:

Post a lot of content... and NOTHING HAPPENS;

Feel like you're trying to everything and everyone else EXCEPT YOURSELF; and

It's awkward and clunky and your content ends up being the same as everyone else's and YOU BLEND IN.

And it just doesn’t work.

Maybe it gets you some attention. But it certainly doesn’t make you any money.

There are a ton of amazing creators out there...

Making great content...

But not great money.

And we’re here to NOT be one of them.


So let’s talk about HOW WE'RE GOING TO DO IT.

Here’s the BIG IDEA:

I wanted this course to be AFFORDABLE



And I don’t mean useful in the ‘well, that’s nice to know' sense...

I mean it in the ‘let’s roll up our sleeves and start making more content that gets you more people paying you for your stuff' sense.

I know you’ve probably taken $200, or $300 or 400$ courses before - maybe even $1000 + courses - that are basically a heap of nice to know foundational and mindset stuff

But not a lot practical, get your pen and paper out, what do i do stuff

And look - mindset and productivity is great.

But this isn’t going to be that.

What this is going to be, is:

  • It’s going to be no frills
  • no polish
  • I put everything I know from game engineering into this Notion course
  • So that you have something that's USEFUL NOW, and in every piece of content you ever make
  • On ANY platform
  • In ANY format
  • I HAND DREW most of the demonstrations
  • So I can show you what I’m doing and we can work on stuff TOGETHER
  • I’m NOT going to just tell you a bunch of things and give you a slide deck
  • I want to work on stuff WITH you

And like I said...

I’m going to give you exactly WHAT I THINK YOU CAN TO DO - rather than stuff that’s NICE TO KNOW - so you can start making MORE MONETISABLE CONTENT straight away.

Which to me means:


So that’s the goal - Cool?


Get started here:

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The 3 Big Problems Creators Face, and How To Fix Them

Problem #1:

😖 You’re not sure your stuff IS monetisable 💰💩

Do people even want your stuff…?

You’re asking:

⚠️ is it something people would actually pay for?
⚠️ is it actually a good product?
⚠️ does it work? Does it do what you say it will? like… really?
⚠️ can you deliver on your promise? Are you sure?
⚠️ how do I get people to WANT my stuff? Why mine and not someone else's?
⚠️ do you even want people to buy it? How much extra work will it create for you?

You're not CONFIDENT in the VALUE of your stuff.

⛔ And it's awkward… because everyone can tell 💀

So - you’ve got a CONFIDENCE PROBLEM

😧 Specifically, you’re not confident that your stuff is actually good

Or that people will actually want what it is that you’ve got


🩸 Lack of confidence ← BIG ISSUE.

⛔️ you don’t know how to package up your idea into something people will PAY FOR
⛔️ you’re not confident your offer is actually any good
⛔️ you don’t know that you know that you know that your thing actually gets the results you say it does

🩸 Which means you won’t market well

❌ you won’t make monetisable contentNO ONE WILL WANT YOUR STUFF
❌ not confidently demonstrating any value ← YOU WON’T SELL ANYTHING

🚧 And you’ll fall into a very common TRAP

❌ try to make your offer and content better by adding more stuff ← BIG MISTAKE
❌ offer more = people buyWRONG
❌ make a ton of content about stuff you’re not interested in ← ANOTHER MISTAKE
❌ try to go viral by jumping on social trends ← LIKE EVERYONE ELSE
❌ spend money on ads, that go nowhere and just burn your cash ← YOU’LL LOSE


💩 lots of time wasted
💩 making content no one sees or engages with
💩 and no sales


💥 Here’s what we’re going to do INSTEAD 💥


⚠️ Instead of worrying about what people want

TL;DR 🤌🏼

📌 We’re going to teach people what to want 🔮
📌 You’ll have bulletproof confidence your stuff makes people better 🔥📌 So buying your offer is a no-brainer 💰

This is what we want to do instead:

✅ make content that teaches people what to want
✅ content that gets people to want more of what you’ve got
✅ package your ideas into something valuable
✅ into an offer people will want to pay you for
✅ because you know it actually gets results
✅ makes your offer a category of one
✅ that you can deliver at scale
✅ by making and doing less
✅ with no extra time or effort
✅ using content that markets itself
✅ that creates specific demand for your stuff
✅ positions your offer as the only obvious next step
✅ without needing a huge audience
✅ without trying to go viral
✅ zero paid anything
✅ using free social media accounts
✅ with profiles optimised for getting people to stay
✅ read your bio
✅ consume your pinned content
✅ follow your account (to get more content)
✅ go to your link in bio
✅ get immediate value
✅ opt-in to your list
✅ buy your product or service.

Problem #1: CONFIDENCE

Get started here:

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Problem #2:

You’re working really hard on your content…

❌ Spending days making content ← NO ONE SEES 💀
✅ Instead of building a content engineNEW LEADS, DAILY 🙋🏽‍♂️

Do people even KNOW you exist online?

⚠️ spending days coming up with single content ideas?
⚠️ weeks creating pieces of content?
⚠️ do people even see your content?
⚠️ do people engage with your content?
⚠️ do people know what value you bring?
⚠️ do people in your market even know you exist?
⚠️ does anyone respond to your DMs?

You've got no DEMAND for your stuff.

🩸 Not enough people coming in to your world feels like a death by 1000 cuts...

⛔️ no one knows about you
⛔️ no one consumes your content
⛔️ no one engages, no one responds to DMs

You’re completely UNSEEN.

🚫 Not enough people in your world is a mission critical problem.

❌  spend days coming up with single content ideas ← HARD WORK 🥵
weeks making contentNO ONE SEES 💀
❌ with surface level engagement ← ZERO QUALITY LEADS 🫠

And you’ll end up selling your soul for ATTENTION

🤡 Chasing likes and followers.

❌ making content about stuff you don’t like ← BIG MISTAKE
❌ spam comment on big accounts' posts to get attention ← CRINGE
❌ use the same content templates as everyone else ← BE IGNORED
❌ sh*t-post for attention ← POINTLESS
❌ make content about 1000 different topics trying to stay relevant ← GOES NOWHERE


💩 lots of time wasted
💩 blending in, making the same content as everyone else
💩 lots of time-wasters, but no leads, no growth, no sales


💥 Here’s what we’re going to do INSTEAD 💥


⚠️ Instead of being UNSEEN, UNHEARD, where no one consumes our content, let alone engages with it, let alone wants to buy anything

✅ We’re going to ENGINEER DEMAND, and get new people coming in to our world and engaging with our content, organically, and DAILY (daily’s important)

TL;DR 🤌🏼

📌 Show people how your stuff works (so they can SEE themselves using it)
📌 You’re product is the marketing (no more struggling for ideas)
📌 Make content that gets people to want more
📌 Content is useful, rather than marketing hype
📌 People will ASK YOU for more of what you’ve got… DAILY.

This is what we want to do instead:

We’re going to make content that:

✅ gets people to want more of what you’ve got
✅ because your product is the marketing
✅ splinter your ideas into many pieces of content; ‘make once, sell twice’
✅ say 1 thing, 1000 different ways
✅ your content become assets that continue to work for you
✅ content that drives engagement into demand
✅  gets new leads, daily
✅ gets people frothing on your stuff
✅ content that connects with your perfect prospects (values & identities)
✅ separates you (what most people do, but not 'us')
✅ changes people’s beliefs
✅ shows the consequence (of not doing it your way)
✅ rallies people (against the consequence)
✅ to make a choice (to not be there)
✅ gets people asking for more
✅ that will pay a premium for implementation
✅  new customers, daily.

Problem #1: CONFIDENCE
Problem #2: NO LEADS

Get started here:

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Problem #3:

You're a creator, not a marketer or sales person, right?

❌ It's hard sell to people who aren't interested ← SUPER AWKWARD 🫠
✅ We want people coming to us ← ASKING YOU TO BUY 🙋🏽‍♂️

In fact, we don’t want to do any selling at all...

⚠️ but you feel awkward about asking people for money
⚠️ you don't want to spam your audience with offers; reputation matters.
⚠️ you don't want to have to convince people your thing is good.
⚠️ don't want to ask people to buy stuff they don't want.
⚠️ you don't want to do any sales-y stuff at all.

You’ve got a problem CREATING CUSTOMERS.

⛔ You’re not a sales-person...

❌ And NO ONE likes being SOLD TO.
✅ But EVERYONE LOVES buying stuff they WANT.

And most creators are just really bad at making it easy for people to buy their stuff

🩸 No customers ← NO BUSINESS.

⛔️ not enough conversations with the right people about your stuff
⛔️ conversations that go nowhere
⛔️ lots of potential customers slipping through the cracks

Which means:

❌ you’ll lack confidence ← AWKWARD (AND PEOPLE CAN TELL)
❌ you won’t know what to say ← PROSPECTS GHOST YOU
❌ you’ll end up spamming people ← PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE A SCAM

🥴 And you’ll go down the WRONG PATH…

❌ you’ll follow the common tactics of sales gurus ← BIG MISTAKE
❌ become super sales-y ← TURN-OFF
❌ cold DM a bunch of strangers ← CRICKETS
❌ maybe sell something to someone, who will probably refund later ← NOT WORTH IT
❌ end up with a ton of charge-backs on your payment processor ← HUGE RISK


💩 not talking to enough quality leads
💩 too many conversations with tyre-kickers
💩 awkward conversations that go nowhere


💥 Here’s what we’re going to do INSTEAD 💥


⚠️ Instead of having to ‘sell’ our stuff - trying to CONVINCE PEOPLE you’ve got value to offer with cringey, awkward, sliding into people’s DMs, and getting ghosted

✅ We’re going to MAKE IT EASY for people to find you, see the value in you and BUY YOUR STUFF.

TL;DR 🤌🏼

📌 We’re going to build a monetisable ecosystem ♻️
📌 That makes your stuff easy to buy 🤑
📌 With a simple process that finds people who already want to buy 🙌🏼
📌 With natural conversations that build trust fast, and qualify leads quickly 💬
📌 With zero awkward in it to create customers effortlessly 🍃

This is what we’ll do instead:

✅  monetisable ecosystem that finds buyers - quickly
✅ no cringey sales tactics
✅ no 'selling' in public
✅ only talk to people who want to talk to you about your stuff
✅ systemised process for turning new followers into super fans
✅ systemised process for creating customers, from your content
✅ that only sells to people that want to buy
✅ doesn’t try to convince people
✅ gives people what they want, when they want it
✅ effortlessly turns prospects into customers

Problem #1: CONFIDENCE
Problem #2: NO LEADS

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Course Overview:


Not enough leads?
Not confident what you've got is good?
Uncomfortable about sales?

OUTCOME 1: Confidence:

So the first thing is to get rid of a lack of confidence.

You're either unsure if what you've got is any good, or if it will really work for your clients, or even worried that if it DOES go well, you'll be bogged down in fulfilment and admin. These are all things I worried about too.

So I'll show you the systems game designs use to get people to want to do things, and make video games addictive.

And then we'll install them in your content.

The result? You'll be 100% confident in your ability to over-deliver value in your free content, and deliver real-world results for your customers, in a way that doesn't eat up all your time.

If you're like me and have no marketing or sales experience, this confidence boost will make marketing and sales night-and-day different for you.

Get started here:

Get instant access for $79

OUTCOME 2: Loads of Demand:

The next thing we'll solve is not having enough people seeing and wanting your stuff. A lack of demand.

As a creator is seems like you've got 3 options to generate leads: Pay for expensive ads, shitpost and spam and try to go viral, or post organic content and hope you get there ... slowly.

I found a better way, and I'll show you how to install it.

We'll use a CONTENT ENGINE designed specifically for creating monetisable content.

When you make content like this, you will always have a steady stream of people liking, commenting on and sharing your content. And I'll show you exact what to do and say when those people start coming into your world.

When you do this the right way, these types of engagement are exactly what the algorithms are built to feed and expand on; so not only does this system get people taking steps toward you (that you can then turn into customers right away) it seeds your content out to more of those exact type of people without you having to do anything, which organically syphons more and more people to your content.

Monetisable content done the right way is insanely good at compounding and building a monetisable audience, quickly.

Get started here:

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OUTCOME 3: Effortless customers

At this point you'll have lots of demand and hot leads every day. Now we have to create a way to convert them into paying customers.

The problem is, if you're anything like me and have never really done any sales before, sales is really uncomfortable. I hated the idea of trying to pretend to be someon I'm not...

So I set up a sales process that makes selling my stuff effortless.

  • Make it easy for people who want to buy (without having to talk to you), to buy
  • No more conversations that go nowhere.
  • And no more potential customers that slip through the cracks.

We'll get people quick wins right away, that creates specific demand for your paid stuff.

I'll show you how to build a monetisable ecosystem that makes it easy for people to buy your stuff, and a content flow that makes it easy for people ask you to buy your stuff.

This is how you get customers every single day, every week.

Get started here:

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STILL (!) trying to decide if this is right for you?


What is it, exactly?

A step-by-step breakdown of a system for creating monetisable content, that grows a monetisable audience, so you can build a reliable creator business.

I will give you the exact system I use myself, designed specifically for creating quality written (and video) content across various social media platforms. It attracts people who will be a good fit for your offer, by increasing demand specifically for your stuff.

I'll give you everything I use every day, week, and month to turn monetisable content into paying customers.

Who is it for?

If you make digital content for social media platforms, but don't get enough leads from your content, have too many conversations that go nowhere, or too many potential customers slip through the cracks... because you haven't got a reliable system for making the right kind of content, or for talking to the right people... then this is for you.

If you want more confidence in packaging up your ideas into things people will want, so you can charge the right price and create the right deliverables so everyone wins... then this is for you.

If you want a steady flow of the right people into your content ecosystem, every day... then this is for you.

If you want to talk to more people who already want what you've got and an effortless process for turning them into customers... then this is for you.

Why should you BUY it?

Most online creators that make great content don't make great money.

If you have important knowledge to share with the world but struggle to craft your message, or get enough people to see the value and pay you for your stuff... Then this is for you.

This course is focused on building a content system to produce high quality content (that creates demand), faster. It's a behind-the-scenes look at my personal system for creation, distribution, and growth for long-form and short-form content. It's intended to show you how you can use a proven system to create content frameworks for getting more customers, faster.

Why you should NOT buy it

This is not a course for making viral content, or building a huge audience, or getting likes. If you want something for that, this is probably not for you.

This course is not a 'hack' or 'trick' course. It's designed specifically for building a system to create monetisable content and help content creators with predictability and efficiency.

Why is it only $79?

I spent 100+ hours working on this & creating the best strategies and resources, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

You'll get instant access to the whole system to help you create more monetisable content.

The course is designed to be specifically actionable.

It's not a book you read once and never pick up again. It's a resource with a system you can use every day, from day 1, and revisit whenever you need.

I think this course is tremendous value, and worth far in excess of what you'll pay for it. I have priced it low to increase accessibility and rate of feedback.

I don't know how long the price will stay this low...

However, you will have lifetime access to everything for the price you pay now, no matter what.

All I ask is that you leave a review.

Sound fair?

More FAQ:

What problems will this course help me overcome?

Lack of confidence. Not enough demand. Awkward sales, and not enough customers.

This is system is a proven framework for creating monetisable content.

It will give you more confidence in your content, more people seeing your stuff, and an effortless process for creating more high quality content in significantly less time..

Is this a copyrighting or sales course?

No. While this course will help you make more sales, and has some helpful writing tips, it's not intended to teach you sales or copywriting.

This system doesn't work by making you better at sales; it works because it has no awkward sales or spammy marketing tactics in it.

Which social media platforms is this for?

I've used this system on: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit and Medium. It's also a system you can use in email and newsletters.

But this is a system, not a specific tactic for a specific platform. The intention is show you how to make monetisable content that works on any platform, with any algorithm.

Does this course come with email or call support?

No. This is self-guided and self-paced. As much as I would like to, I cannot provide 1:1 support via email or calls to everyone, and therefore it's only fair that I don't offer it to anyone.

How long is this course and what format is it in?

This is a fully written digital course, inside a Notion page.

Everything is self-contained.

Can you provide a custom invoice?

I provide receipts via Gumroad only. Whatever format Gumroad provides you at the time of purchase is the format I offer.

Where do I start?

Click the button below. Let's do this!

Get instant access for $79

What's the worst that can happen?

Is there a risk it doesn't work? What if it's not as good as I say it is? What if I'm just lying?

Best case scenario:

You start making world-class monetisable content. You get leads. You get customers. You make A LOT of money, every month. You get new skills, a ton of confidence, and the systems we install mean you can just keep growing.

What about worst case?

Worst case:

Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a few weeks in applying it, and you decide it’s all too hard. Or the content is not quite right, or maybe you jumped too soon, or you decide that my Australian accent gets annoying...

In which case, I’ll buy it back from you at full price. You get to keep whatever we've covered. You'll be smarter, and still have the skillsets...But you won't have to pay for it at all.

And, I'll throw in an extra $20, so you can buy yourself a burger and fries.

So, worst case - you get a burger and fries.

That way there's no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?

I'll see you inside.

Get instant access for $79
I want this!

You'll get instant access to my system for getting leads every day (while you build your personal brand). The outcome is simple: make your next $10k, while you grow your audience.

Make your content monetisable.
Instead of worrying whether people want what you've got... We're going to teach people to WANT YOUR STUFF.
So people want to buy your offers.
Instead of making content no one sees or engages with... We're going to ENGINEER DEMAND so more people want more of what you've got.
With no awkward sales conversations.
Instead of trying 'sell' your stuff... We're going to build a MONETISABLE ECOSYSTEM THAT SELLS FOR YOU... And creates customers EFFORTLESSLY.


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Your Next $10k.

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